Saltash Primary Schools

Half Marathon Challenge

*       Take the challenge to run a total of 13.1 miles (the Half Marathon distance) between now and the Saltash Half Marathon Fun Run

*       Aim to run 1 mile per week for 12 weeks, the final 1.1 miles will be run during the Saltash Half Marathon Fun Run

*       Every time that you run a mile with your school or club ask a teacher or coach to sign and date a box on your card.

*       Hand the completed card in at the registration desk on the day of the Saltash Half Marathon Fun Run to be entered into the challenge

*       There will be an entry fee payable on the day to enter the Challenge event

*       Every runner that completes the Challenge will receive a special medal at the finish.

*       Obtain a record card from your school or Club, or download one from this website, and get running.

*       This challenge is open to any runner aged under 13 years of age


The Saltash Half Marathon and Fun Run will start and finish
at Longstone Park, Saltash, PL12 6DW