Chair - John Ainsworth

John Ainsworth

Colin Bunting

I have been a member of the Tamar Trotters since the club started in 1996. Since then I have run thousands of miles proudly wearing the club colours. I have finished hundreds of races of various distances, in recent years I have targeted marathons in the UK and abroad and I am now working towards completing my 100th marathon late in 2022.

I like to help the club wherever I can and have held various roles within the club over the years. It is a fantastic club to be part of and I have enjoyed meeting lots of great people of all ages.

Diane Nicholson

I started running in 2015, joining the club in the spring of that year. I can honestly say that running has changed my life and I have made some wonderful friends through the Trotters. Greatest running moment so far is running the Cardiff Half in 2019, finishing 13 mins behind my son! New to the committee in 2021, I want to work with them to have a successful and happy club.

David Bremner

Rich Ezra-Ham



Committee member
Maggie Bunting

I have been running with Tamar Trotters since 1996. I am an Athletics Coaching Assistant and qualified to run and lead groups in the running club. I have run various distances including 30 marathons, over 60 half marathons and other race distances too numerous to count. I have also paced at Plymouth Half Marathon on various occasions. I help with the Couch to 5k on a regular basis at the club on Fridays at 6.15pm and find I enjoy meeting new people and helping them achieve their goal.

PRESS SECRETARY and Couch 25k Lead
Jane Bremner

I have been running with the Trotters for over 21 years, having participated in the 1999 Race for Life. Prior to that I used the gym and participated in various exercise classes. The Race for Life gave me such a buzz that I joined the running club. Having retired from teaching, I decided it was time to join the committee and therefore give something back to the Trotters. My favourite distance is the half marathon, and I have particularly enjoyed competing in triathlon over the last few years. 

Sue Court

I’ve been a member since 2002, though my running has been hit or miss during these 20 years. I became a member after a novice run that ended with a pint at the bar… and it was that social aspect that kept me coming back. 

I love to socialise and hope to bring that back to the club

Julia Mansell

Although I had run alone for more years than I would like to admit to, I only joined the Tamar Trotters in 2009, when I figured that my children were old enough to be left in the house for an hour. I discovered that I really liked running in a group – chatting to others took my mind off the pain! I let myself be persuaded to run the Plymouth Half Marathon in 2013 by a work colleague and found that I really enjoyed that distance, so entered a few more over the next couple of years. I finally felt ready to tackle the marathon distance in 2015 and ‘16; I don’t think I feel the need to do that distance again…

For me, the benefits of running are improved cardio-vascular fitness, weight management and the freedom that comes with lacing up my running shoes and heading out of the house. Recently, I have been taking part in the odd virtual challenge, having discovered them during lockdown: RED January (which led to a 67-day running streak) and The Cornwall RNLI Virtual Challenge (228 miles in February and March) are examples of these.

Bex Ezra-Ham

Helen Ralph

I have been a member of the Tamar Trotters since 2000. Wearing the Trotters Vest I have taken part in marathons, half marathons and many shorter distances. My biggest achievement has been completing 19 Grizzly off road runs. Through the Trotters I started doing Triathlons in 2007 with other club members and compete each year in an event.    

Dominic Parnell

Jenny Pitt

I have been a member of the Tamar Trotters since 2011. I was only joining for a few months to run with others through the winter…… I have achieved so much more with the Trotters than I could have ever imagined, obviously being helped and guided by so many experienced athletes but also making a whole new circle of friends to train with and socialise with. As if running all distances from 5km- marathon wasn’t enough, I decided to challenge myself further and secretly entered a triathlon and I have fallen in love with the sport so much so that I have completed the British Triathlon Activator Course and Level 1 coaching course and will soon start the level 2 course. I really enjoy helping others to achieve their goals and am always happy to answer peoples questions and support them in their triathlon journey.